I Want to Help You Start With Affiliate Marketing And Build a Great Future For Yourself

Hi there.

My name is Nikola and I will be your guide through this wild west we call the internet and making money Who is this guy?online.

I will also be your idol, guru, magi, wizard, Alfa and Omega of affiliate marketing, AND a curious story to tell your grandchildren by the glowing fire.

Uff, such a long list, but I deserve to be praised so much

Why is that?

Because I intend to give you my “Secret Method to Earning Money While You Sleep”.

It is a system that exploits a hole in Google’s algorithm and as such is completely infallible.

Google will HAVE to give you the entire first page for every keyword you desire, including for the keyword “Google”.

And I give it to you for free!

I am such a good guy.

This is a jest of course. You didn’t fall for it, did you? 😕

I am good but I am no guru.

Thank God for that- They make me sick!

And just for the record- there’s no loophole, no magical software that prints money with no effort on your part. I don’t own it- it doesn’t exist!

Moreover, I DO HAVE something valuable to give you.

A legitimate and PROVEN training that will teach you how to build your own online business from scratch.

Their instructions(if you follow them to the letter) will help you become Your OWN Master and leave the 9-5 grind you hate so much.

But for now, I want to officially welcome you to my website and this is a perfect time to tell you a bit about me.

A Brief History of One Called Nikola Roza

I am an affiliate marketer.

That wasn’t my dream when I was growing up. Oh no, I only really wanted to be an English professor.

My purpose in life was to teach kids proper English and wonderful English literature.

I lived and breathed the English language, so it seemed fitting that I should make my living through it.

And all my efforts were steps leading to that one finishing line.

“So how come you are doing something so different”?

Life Happened!

Life happened in the way life always happens, unpredictably and painfully.

When I was in my third year in university my poor mother got terribly sick. Like every good son, I returned to take care of her. Despite of it all, she rapidly progressed and…

I wish this story has a happy ending and that I can tell you we got out of it okay, but we didn’t.

Sometimes in life- there is no happy ending.

You probably are aware of this?

The moment I returned to my hometown was a turning point for me;

I would never be able to go back to uni and was also left jobless and without a higher education.

That was three years ago.

I Had to do Something!

My mother raised me to be a fighter and I wasn’t about to give up on my dreams, and my whole life.

Because I hadn’t finished my college, I had no hope of finding a decent job, or any job at all, so in desperation, I turned to the internet.

I knew that money can be made online and I thought “if others can do it, so can I”!

Scams, Scams Abound on the Internet!

I was robbed multiple times by unscrupulous people; people who, like vultures, prey on those in terrible hardships.

I still fill the sting of anger and disappointment when I remember the humiliation of giving my last cent for a software that was supposed to make me millions and which couldn’t even give me my money back- NOTHING!

I was so gullible, a greenhorn who fell for it all, or would have fallen, had he more money to waste.

Somehow two years had passed like that and my situation was growing desperate by the day,

Both my funds and hope were exhausted at this point and I honestly started to doubt whether there was a way out.

It came down to this- my last chance

One Last Shot

There was a choice to be made- Project Payday or Wealthy Affiliate.

It was going to be my last try and I chose… PP.

Yeah,  smart move on my part.

They attracted me by saying that I could earn 50$ in 24h.-Wealthy Affiliate said no such thing.

However, PP asked for 5$ to enter and at that moment I didn’t have a dime(completely broke).

So I turned to Wealthy Affiliate and their free starter membership.

What a Stroke of Luck That Turned Out to Be.

I went through their free online certification course (level one) and learned how it is possible to earn a living with honest and hard work.

They said “if you are willing to put in the effort and give it your best, then there is no reason why you can’t be successful. Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to start and grow your business:

  • Great websites and hosting,
  • All the tools and training modules you require,
  • And above all- a helpful and supporting community with tens of thousands of active members.

All that is left is YOU, and that is the one thing we can’t give you”

This inspiring, (but realistic) speech, coupled with twenty different positive reviews on twenty different websites pushed me to take that final step.

You see I am a realist by nature.

I know that money doesn’t fall on anybody’s lap.

It has to be earned and the only reason I fell for scams before was my desperation.

I borrowed money from my best friend, joined premium and told myself,

“You are not going to fail this, other people are doing it, you CAN too!”

Thanks to the training I got in WA, I now have not one, but two jobs:

  • I offer SEO services to clients. This is a fancy way of saying that I build websites and write articles for them. This quickly put me back on my feet and is now my main job until my affiliate marketing campaigns really kick in(they are shaping up rather nicely 😀 ).
  • I work on my baby. This website here is my child and I want to nourish it so it can grow and become a hub of knowledge on internet marketing and avoiding scams; AND an inspiration for all people who are now in the same situation I once was- there is a way out!

As you can see, just by learning a bit of SEO, and how to write articles for the web(all taught in great detail inside Wealthy Affiliate), you can almost immediately start working for yourself and in most cases earn more than you did on your regular job.

But the real gem of WA is their superb affiliate training. If you go through all five stages you can relatively quickly (it depends on you how quick) start working for yourself.

To be free and report only to yourself, isn’t that plain awesomeness?

I Know I Can Help You

My goal with this website is to teach folks proper white hat SEO, and how to use it to build a great website, a profitable business as foundation of their whole NEW life.

I also want to expose those shameful scam programs which, in my opinion, cause great suffering and injustice.

I was lucky to have escaped, but what about the others?

People who are burned a few times or even just once are forever distrustful of the internet and the possibility of making money online.

And that is a shame because affiliate marketing now is stronger than ever. There is unlimited potential to tap into and Wealthy Affiliate will show you how to do it.



I invite you to spend some time on my website. My baby is growing fast.

I publish at least three times a week and my articles are always very thorough- I leave no stone unturned.

Even this about me page is very long. I wanted to cap it at 500 words but it is approaching fast the 1500 word mark. picture of me🙂

You are a champ for reading this far, thank you.

Do know that on my website you can only find reliable, helpful and backed up information.

And all highly actionable so that you can see results quickly.

If you are wondering where to go from here I recommend to first:

  • Read my honest and thorough(oh so very thorough) review of Wealthy Affiliate.

Finally, if you want to get in touch- you can.

Leave me a message in the comment area or contact me personally here

I WANT to hear from you.

Thank you for reading

I think you are awesome

Nikola signing out:-D


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