Want More Sales? It Can be Done. Craft a Compelling Button and Increase Your Conversion Rate Considerably

Buttons huh? I’m sure you’ll agree with me: They are small, but pack one heck of a punch. Get them right and they’ll catapult your business, get them wrong and… No! There’s no need to continue this sentence because you won’t get them wrong, ever! Think I’m tooting my horn a bit too much? I … [Read more…]

Learn to Build a Table of Content in WordPress. This Makes For a Great UX, And Your SEO Will Grow Too.

Offering great, long-form content on your website is the way to go. You give a tonne of value, build your authority, extend your expertise. You even get an opportunity to slip in an affiliate link or two. It doesn’t get much better than that, right? Except that it could. So much better. And it’s so … [Read more…]

Outdated Plugins- Are They Safe for My Website? Don’t Put Your Business at Risk!

WordPress users often ask:  “Can I instal this plugin, it is outdated”? “Will it harm my website”? “Should I use another one”? I get the feeling they had many a sleepless night worrying over this potential harm to their website. Well no more! I can’t stand it! I just know I’ll lose sleep until I … [Read more…]

How to Add an Image to the Sidebar in WordPress? Enhance Your Whole Website With this Simple Trick!

This plugin is easy to use

One image could be worth a thousand words for you. It could be worth more than that. Well-placed imagery is a trove of benefits for your website and you should’t underestimate their power. Ever. Or do it at your peril. One image hase a unique power to turn your regular old blog post into a killer … [Read more…]