Is Affiliate Marketing Worth the Effort? Can You Do It? Yes? Hm, Are You Sure? It Isn’t Easy. Better Read First, Then Answer

I know you’ll agree with me:

Earning passive income is awesome.Is affiliate marketing worth the effort? It could be. How bad do you want it?

You wake up in the morning, open your laptop, rub your eyes and what you see?

Once again, your bank account swelled quite a bit.

Argh! if only you hadn’t been sleeping while it happened.

The curse of succeeding with affiliate marketing. 🙂

However, the road to earning in bed is not easy.

It’s bumpy, it’s windy and you better have your seat belts on or you might become just another casualty, a statistic.

Don’t be like that! Be an exception. Be amazing!

You need education. You need the right attitude.

That’s what this article is all about. I am not going to praise affiliate marketing as a perfect job as it isn’t(and you get enough of that on other sites).

Instead- here’s the truth

Is affiliate marketing for beginners?

YES, it is.

But only if YOU ARE

Here you will learn:

  • What you need to know to be successful with affiliate marketing.
  • Which character traits are common among those who succeed.
  • Three real-life case studies of normal people who run successful niche websites.

Let’s go!

How Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing -Master These 10 Crucial Points/Steps

1. Buying a Domain name- the first hurdle in Your Path

They tell you  that every online business starts with a website, but buying a domain name is truly where it all begins.

  • EMD vs Branded
  • com vs net vs org
  • Shorter vs longer
  • Numbers, Slang, Dashes, underscores-Ok?
  • Trademarked names- Ok?
  • Where to buy them?

These are all things to consider when purchasing.

If it seems too much work, just remember you’ll have to live with your decision for the rest of your website’s life.

Ther’s nothing worse that working hard on a website, and expecting it to soar, only to realise that a poor choice of a domain has already buried it

You better get it right the first time.

my domain name

My Domain Name- Suggestive, descriptive and promising. It’s not short but that’s OK.

I have a resource ready for you:

Read my guide on buying a domain name that’ll serve you well on your path to success.

  • Action tip- Spend as much time on this as you need. You can’t afford to make a mistake. And- Relax. It’s not that hard 🙂

2. Choose a Host that Suits Your Current Needs

Your domain means nothing if you don’t host it somewhere.

There are dozens of options to chose from but your choice mainly depends on two factors:

  • The price you’re willing to pay
  • The plan you have for your website

Is your goal building a full-time business? Then it’s prudent to invest in a fast, secure and reliable host from the get-go.

What? You aren’t sure right now.

Want to test things out?

Then go cheap and later you can switch.

Resources: Here is a very extensive tutorial to picking a good host for your domain.

  • Action tip- Great hosting is important- but it can wait. Get something cheap for starters and later you can switch no problems

3. Build a Simple WordPress Website

Your third step is getting your hands dirty, but in a good way. 😉

By this point, you have a domain name idea and where you want to host it.

Now is the perfect time to build a WordPress site.

My recommendation

Build a free website that comes with built-in hosting.

This way you don’t have to pay anything and you can move at your own pace with no pressure.

And it resolves the “choose a host issue”.


I suggest SiteRubix free website builder as you get:

  • Not one but two free websites
  • The fastest and most secure hosting in the world.
  • And you get access to some neat free training that’ll teach you how to properly monetize your website

Hint: Click on this link to read my full review of SiteRubix. There you’ll also get the chance to build a website free of charge(it’s a quick process, a minute of your time).

  • Action tip– If you decide to build a free website with SiteRubix, know that you can keep it for as long as you want. It’s yours. If at a later date you want to upgrade to a domain-owned website you can do that with a click of a button- it’s dead simple. 🙂

4. Choose A Niche that’s a good fit For YOU

This step is crucial to you. Your choice of a niche is going to determine how successful you’ll be.

Before you choose you to need to learn:

  • How to do a breakdown of a huge niche.
  • How to find your perfect sweet spot- a niche one with a high earning potential and a lower competition(yes, it can be done).
  • Why it’s better to go after passion, and not money
  • How to test if your niche is profitable (most of them are)

I have a guide for you:

  • Action tip- Choose a niche that you leve and breathe. That’s the one thing that ensures your success will come.

5. Free Traffic is the Best Kind of Traffic

Ther’re dozens of ways of getting traffic to your blog.

Do you need to know them all? No! Far from it.

In fact, it’s a common mistake newbie marketers make. They try to master too many strategies at once and of course, fail miserably .

My advice:

In the beginning, focus on just one strategy- Focus on white hat SEO.

Search engine traffic is:

  • Long-term
  • Stable
  • Scalable
  • Highly targeted- (your chances of earning comissions are much higher).


Seo is an ever changing aspect of affiliate marketing. You need to be familiar with the best practices today and be prepared to learn new stuff and ditch what’s not working

Here are some of the blogs I use for my education:

  •– excellent content written in a very newbie-friendly language. If you’re a beginner to SEO I suggest you bookmark this site and explore it as mush as possible.
  • Neil Patel is the world’s leading SEO. He knows this stuff and his website is a reflection of that. Be aware that some topics ar quite advanced- start slow.
  • Brian Dean from Backlinko has been called the genius of SEO. His website is an excellent place with some unorthodox SEO tactics and interesting case studies

Pay Atention- This is crucial:

Use only white hat optimisation for your pages.

The internet is full of sad stories of people who failed with SEO. And They all say “SEO doesn’t work”.

Moreover, when you dig a bit deeper you see they also dabbled with black hat SEO, and that’s why they were hit.

To conclude:

SEO is not magic or wizardry. Its only hard/smart work, and lots of it.

And now I have to to say it(I like to laugh):

Don’t do black magic 🙂

  • Action tip- Excellent SEO makes a huge dent for a young website, so be prepared to work on it. Think of each ranking factor as a little candle. Yes, an individual candle gives off only a faint light, but if you light all of them at once they make for one damn big fire. 😉

6. Content- One King to Rule Them All

What is the monrch of the internet called? Content.

And what does every good sovereign do best? No not that? 🙂

He serves his people best, by being the perfect version of himself.


Before you throw yourself in a writing frenzy you need to learn:

  • What’s the best length for a blog post
  • How often should you publish
  • How to format for maximum readability

I reccomend these resources:

Action tip– Master Quality Content, that’s it.

7. Product Promotion. Chose them With Care. It Will Determine Your Profitability

Once you have the traffic it’s the time to earn serious bucks.

But first, you must learn which products to promote to maximise your ROI(Return on Investment).

You see:

There is a fine line between quality, expensive and sought-after products and too expensive and rarely bought.

You need to be able to guess which product will sell despite the price, and which product won’t sell despite the (low) price.

Expensive Turmeric products on Amazon


Action tip. I haven’t talked about affiliate programs/networks.

It’s for a good reason.

Never worry about what you’ll promote.

Focus on creating great content and providing great Ux. After you’ve established yourself and built some authority, then it will be easy join affiliate programs/networks.

After all, they all demand that you have a website with some content anyway before applying. If you focus on the money in the beginning that thought will only distract you.

“When will the money come in? When is my money coming I want my money right away. When?” With that attitude – never

8. Keyword Research- Aim Low, Reach High

If you’re starting today it means you’re going undercover.


Because you have to.

Your new website is an uncharted territory for Google. Yes, they know you exist but that’s about it.

You need to pique their interest so that they explore/index you more. You do this with the combined force of SEO and easy-to-rank keywords.


  • Action tip- LHF(low hanging fruit) keywords are the path of least resistance for you. To tell the truth, a brand new website(with good SEO) can rank for these very quickly. And there’s an unlimited number of them, hanging low off the branches waiting to be picked. 🙂


9. Up Your UX, Explode Your Conversions

People are visiting your website, congratulations! 😛 –

Now what do you do?

Now you gently direct them to places you want them to go. You need to funnel them.

This is really important:

If you can build an effective funnel, you’ll start earning much sooner and your business will grow much faster than usual.


These two links are just to get you started. The number one resource for everything conversion-related is ConversionXL.

In Case You Were Wondering…

You need to start learning conversion from day one of your blogging adventure.


Because time flies and before you know it you are getting steady, daily traffic to your website.

Don’t let them leave empty-handed! Show them the benefit of buying from you.

You do this by:

  • Giving people an easy to use website(Great UX)
  • Indulging their buying mood with inviting, clickable buttons
  • Swaying them with carefully chosen words

Which leads us to…

10. Copywriting- When Words Work for You

Once you get people on your site it’s time to celebrate for you’ve won half of the battle.

Yes, you read it correctly, only half.

You still need to convert some of them into paying customers. How to do it?

The answer-Learn copywriting.

What is it exactly?

In essence- persuasion.

It’s when you purposely use one word over another, and when you use it in a special place for a specific reason.

That is copywriting in my descriptive explanation.

Here’s a definition(once again mine).

Copywriting is writing focused on PERSUADING, writing focused on SELLING, and writing focused on… NOTHING ELSE.

Everything that isn’t selling and converting is useless and MUST be eliminated!

I recommend:

Action tip- Anyone who’s getting some traffic to their blog can earn a living online. But only a few people earn a great, limitless life through their websites.


I find they all have one thing in common- Words are their close and intimate friends. The good news is that you too can become best chums with them- get to work! 😀

 How Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing- My Strategy to Mastering All of the Above

I know what you’re thinking:How Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing? Try My Method. It Works for me.

Hey, I need to know all those things for my business!

It’s a lot, but if I master them all, I’m forever safe from failure. 😀

Wishful thinking,


  • Can’t know everything
  • Can’t ever learn everything

The best you can hope is that sliver of useful and applicable knowledge.

My advice is simple:

Take baby steps, but take them. Every day take them

Be like the man in space. It took us humans a long time to land on the Moon.

And even then only for a few steps.


Plant your blog’s flag into the soil that is Victory. Victory over The SERP’s. Victory over Google. Victory over yourself! Over Fears and Doubts that keep you Earth- bounded.

Now we have space stations and satellites. We’re colonising Mars and we’re even exploring the outer space(Voyager 1).

We, as a space exploration party, are quite advance compared to where we used to be.

Let you reading this blog post be your first baby step!

Let you making a decision to educate yourself be the second step of a grown-up man!

Let you conquering the basics and using them on your website be you extending your reach beyond the solar system!

Am I making myself clear?

I know I am and I know you’re pumped up with adrenaline and thoughts of a bright future that YOU can create for yourself.

Good! Good!😀

Here’s my learning schedule(I call it “The Moving Turtle Method“- feel free to copy it):

Everything to know can be divided into two broad categories:

  • Getting visitors
  • Getting conversions(UX and copywriting)

So I made  it a point to read three articles every day.

One article that is strictly related to ways of getting traffic to my site.

One article that teaches me the secrets of writing for the web.

And the third?

I give myself full liberty- It can be anything even remotely related to affiliate marketing.

This third article is crucial for my development as a writer.

Because, often by pure chance, it gives me an insight, a new perspective that I needed for the current blog post I’m working on.

It’s my secret weapon. To extend the metaphor, if my words are piercing bullets, then that one extra article article is a new, never before seen type of weaponry that makes me a tough opponent to beat(in the SERPS).

This third article makes my writing:

  • More interesting
  • Inovative
  • Bold
  • Courageus
  • Provocative

By reading every day I feel empowered to put my thoughts clearly on digital paper and even better- to stand behind my beliefs and defend them.

Don’t believe me such a change happens just from few extra minutes of reading?

I challenge you to try for yourself!

Do it for a few months and you’ll experience your horizon broadening, your worldview expanding, your ignorance receding, your vocabulary exploding.

it truly is invaluable stuff. 🙂

I have just one rule for you. Don’t ever go above the three articles mark or about 35m of reading per day. It’s a trap you must avoid.

You can read about affiliate marketing all you want but you can only learn affiliate marking marketing by doing it.

P.S. Do you understand why it’s called the moving turtle method?

Because, like a turtle you’ll move slowly, but you’ll move.

You see:

The turtle is not a hare.

Its goal is not to travel fast, but to reach the goal having learned a lot and having enjoyed the ride.

This means that if you hurry in trying to grasp the totality  you won’t remember a single thing when the moment comes.

But if you take it slow knowing it’s not a race, but a learning experience, then you’ll go far, and then you’ll surprise yourself with the amount of knowledge you “suddenly” have.

To finish with a quote:

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

How do you move a mountain? One shovel at a time.

How to Become Successful With  Affiliate Marketing- Mental traits That Decide Who Wins and Who Loses

Just knowing is not enough. you, have to “be” too.

What do you mean?:

I say that to succeed with affiliate marketing you must be:

  • Patient
  • Resourceful
  • A master od yourself (delayed gratification)

Patience- Success Comes When You’re Too Busy to Look For it

People who get in this internet marketing world often, for some reason, think the internet is a cash-spewing machine just waiting for them to sit so it can pour money down their laps.

It doesn’t work like that

Affiliate marketing is a great business opportunity for the common man/woman.

But it’s a business opportunity. Get it?

Business, as in working really hard in the begining so you can enjoy later.

What’s common to all of them?

They take their sweet time and there’s no instant success.

You’ve heard of Coca-Coal, right? Did you know that in their first year they sold whoel two bottles of juice.

The good news?

Unlike in traditional brick and mortar business, it takes a lot less time to achieve significant success.

With normal business, you have two years of hard work ahead of you, just to break even.

With affiliate marketing, you can do the same in three months. AND you can become highly profitable in just six short months.

Some say six months is nothing.

Others think it’s impossible to hold on so long without giving up. The former succeed, the latter- fail. Simple.

Bottom line- Don’t hope for instant rewards. Expect quick results (six months or less) but only if your ass has left an inerasable impression on the chair.

Resourcefulness. Be Like Water- Find the Way

Like any business, affiliate market brings its own challenges.

In other words: The road is bumpy, windy and there’s never a harbour so safe that it’ll protect you completely from change. Is that a bad thing?

Most would say yes I say NO(and I say it in caps).

My philosophy is: if you can’t swim against the current learn to swim with it.

This is why the most valuable skill in life is resourcefulness.

Having it ensures that whenever trouble strikes you won’t drown but will fight and beat the problem.

I imagine you’re that kind of person, am I right?

Delayed Gratification- Can You Hold on A bit Longer?

Earning money with affiliate marketing is easy. In fact, once that traffic starts coming it’s almost impossible not to.

However, building a niche website to a level that it will support you in life is hard.

Here is a common man’s one time stab at affiliate marketing:

He’s worked hard on his website. For five full months he toiled without earning anything.

Then in the sixth it all exploded. he earned not 1$ not 10$ or 50$, but full 1000$.

Then he spent it all.

New shoes, new bike, fancy foods. Everything to accommodate the taste and “feel” buds. He is at the top of the world and nothing can stop him.

The month after that- the predictable happened.

His traffic dropped (because of normal fluctuations, some months are better than the others).

And he instantly found himself with no earnings and no savings.

To support himself he had to find a job.

And his business?

Well since he had to work two shifts on a minimum wage sallyry, his business suffered. So much that in the end, it kicked the bucket.

No, he had no business, he had not life and had no hope of full financial freedom.

Bottom line

Don’t be that person. When you earn, treat yourself because you deserve it. But save 90% of the money. It’s just holding off for a while longer until your future is secure.

To end with a famous quote: The needs of a website in a cradle outweigh the needs of the fun-deprived owner.

Ok, I made that up. It’s true nonetheless.

Is Affiliate Marketing for Newbies- 3 True Success Stories of Wealthy Affiliate Members say YES

I want to show you the stories of three members of WA.

All three were total beginners and all three fought and succeeded wher most people fail. Each of them had one domint train form the above thet helped them becut the challenge

Wealthy affiliate success story 1#- Saco and His Trial of Patience

“7 months.

That’s the time I was working on my website without getting ANY results. visitor count at that time was a stubborn zero”.""

These are the words of Saco, a WA member. And this is his story.

He had to endure the fickleness of Google for quite some time Seven long months he built content on his site and had nothing to show for it.

In his eight month the dial finally moved.

His pages hit the second page of Google and he started to get trickles of traffic.

One month later, in June he made his first sale and earned 70$.

Then in July he made the second sale earning 70$ again.

August was the month he broke through the 100$ barrier. He made 13 sales and earned 525 dollars.

At that point in time, his visitor’s count was 100 per day.

Not bad for someone who thought he was destined to be the only visitor to his site.

What happened next?

10 months later(and 20 months overall) his site was getting on average 1000 visitor every day and was earning him consistently between 3 000$ and 6 000$ every month.

What is it that helped him overcome the Google ranking drought?

It was his limitless patience. He believed his work will pay off and showed up for work every day.

It wasn’t easy for him:

” It was very hard for me in the first few months because I was putting in decent work, yet had nothing to show for it.”.
Now his business is fully developed and he’s a full time internet marketer.

Saco's success with wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate success story 2# John Might Have Quit, But He Had the Drive to Reinvent Himself

“I can’t do this. It’s too hard. I don’t understand a thing”?""

These were Jonh’s words when he joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015.

He was a total newbie.

He had no experience with internet marketing.

He didn’t fully understand how affiliate marketing as a business model works.

He didn’t know WordPress

And he couldn’t write well ( Swedish is his mother tongue)

What did he do? Gave up?


He read the success stories of other WA members, realised the are real and decided to learn from them.

He had a lot to do, to test things, to fail and and improve. But he didn’t feel daunted by it. No, threw himself at it.

When he got stuck(and it happend a lot) he asked for and recieved help from the helpful Wealthy Affiliate Community.

When it got too much to take in, he would get away from it all for a few days.

Then he’d come back refreshed and continue plugging away.

For three full three months he didn’t earn a cent. The breakthrough came in the fourth when he made his first sale with Amazon.

Two months later he earned 2000$(yes, 2000$ in the sixth month), and quit his 9-5 job to focus solely on his business.

Now he earns anything from 200$ to 350$ every day and recently had a first 600$ day, a new record for him!

What worked for him?

He was resourceful to the bone. He realised that affiliate marketing is an equal opportunity to all. What is different is how we respond.

John's success with Affiliate Marketing

let’s finish with a quote from him:

“To all of you who just have started out and are in your first couple of months here on WA, DO NOT give up!!”

Wealthy Affiliate Success Story 3#- Rina Didn’t Enjoy Herself but Held it Off For Her Family""

Rina lives in Singapore.

She had a well-payed “normal” job.

The problem- it was taking away too much of her time. Time away from her children and family.

She documented her progress:

Two months in– first sale via Amazon. She was stunned because her other website from before joining WA made her exactly 0$ for one year

Three months in– She is getting sales every week. Not earning much but they’re consistent- things are heating up.

Four months in– she is getting 70 visitors every day and earning 100$ per month.

Six months in– 200 visitors per day and 250$ per month.

Seven months in- She’s getting 300 visitors per day and earns more than 500$ per month

Ten months in- 600 visitors per month earning her 1000$ per month.

One year with Wealthy Affiliate– 1000 visits per day and earning 1000$+

And here is the interesting part:

Since she had a full-time job she could only post two times per week. Had she more time to dedicate her numbers would have been of the chart. She is now in her second year with WA and a full-time internet marketer.

Congratulations Rina! 🙂

Rina's success with Wealthy Affiliate


Bottom line- Is affiliate Marketing Worth it?

What do you think?

The three success examples from above show the common obstacles server newbie marketer must face.

Saco had to endure being “hated by Google” for seven long months. He endured and he prospered.

Miguel had to start at the bottom. He was newbieness embodied when he started out. He learned he advanced, he profited.

Rina had to work on her business in her spare time.

  • Her time- consuming job
  • Her loving, attention-seeking children
  • And then her website.

That’s how her priorities were ordered.

She worked hard she worked smart, she profited in the end. 😀

Conclusion- Is Affiliate Marketing Worth the Effort or Not?

Now that you have the scoop- You tell me.

Are you ready to commit?

Can you put in the work without expecting results right away?

If yes, then affiliate marketing is the answer for you.


If you won’t roll up your sleeves.

If you won’t invest your time and effort.

If you can’t wait for results- This job is not for you.

Affiliate marketing is not a get reach quick scheme but a viable business model and an opportunity.

I promote Wealthy Affiliate but I tell you now:

Don’t join. Don’t join WA. Because, with that kind of mentality you will fail and you will blame me for it.

Is Wealthy Affiliate the Best Place to Learn Affiliate Markeitng?

WA is not perfect. Far from it.

But they have the most newbie-friendly training and are truly the best place for newbies to learn the ropes.

The best part is that it’s free to get started.

Ther’re two levels of memberships:

  • Starter(free)
  • Premium

Free members get:

  • two free websites
  • Free hosting(premium quality)
  • And basic training that teaches them how to monetize their new sites.
  • They Also get acces to the search bar at Wealthy Affilite that has thousant of tutorial, trainings and anserd questions. It’s a life time of learning and all for free. 😉

Premium members get:

  • Access to all the training inside the WA(there’s a good reason why it’s called the Affiliate Marketing University).
  • 50 free website (25 SiteRubix and 25 domain-owned).
  • Live webinars- These are what separates Wa from its competition. Webinars that don’t end with a sales pitch. Webinars that are designed to help you learn basic and advanced tactics of internet marketing.They are run by Jay Neil one of the world best SEO. the’s more than 300 webinars and honestly, all the knowledge you’ll ever need is there.
    These webinars have helped me so much in my beginnings. So much that I’ve given them a pet name. its “come a newbie leave an expert. Silly but true
  • Most importantly premium members get access to all five level of Online  Certification Courses. This is number one training for affiliate marketers in the world. It  It takes you by the hand and leads you through steps and stages, one by one. It’s everything We’ve covered today in this blog post, except much simplified. You’re only taught what you need to know so you can quickly advance with building your business.


The allure of this training is that it’s almost impossible to fail.

If you can get through all five stages. and if you do all the tasks you are pretty much guaranteed to have a money-producing website by the end of stage 5.

I want to thank you for reading.

I know it wasn’t easy, this being a very thorough guide and all.

But hey, the payoff is that now you know that affiliate marketing is worth the effort and you know that it all depends on you. If you set your mind to it, you can’t fail.

I think you are awesome and if you have any question/s feel free to leave them below and I will respond as soon as I see them.

Usually in the 24h time frame:-D.

Nikola signing out 😎

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